On Saturday we have a small Stormtrooper Reunion with 3 Troopers of the New Star Wars Movie The Force Awakens, Phoenix James ( Phoenix was also In James Bond Specter and in The Guardians of the Galaxy), Sandeep Mohan and Marc Alec Rutter.

On Sunday we have for the Fans Something Special, a First Timer Premier, Scott Richardsons was Quiggold, a Gabdorin pirate an Maz Kanata's castle offering Fin a Job.  Aidi Palmer was A First Order Stomtrooper and Charlie Akin was not only a First Order Stormtrooper he was also Captain Phasma



On both days we having something very Special for all Star Wars.The Legandary FX Artist, Ron Hone will attend Both Days,

He built the Yoda that final  that appeared on Screen and he  remote controlled him. The same with All the R2-D2 Units for the Empire Strikes Back. In Star Wars he build also the "life-sized" probe droid that interacted with Han and Chewie and the 21-B Medical Droid ll aswell

Ron is still very much involved todays Blockbusters, like World War Z with Brad Pitt, and the latetes Alien Movie: Prometheus

Also on Both Days will be Bern Colloco, Bern was one First Order Admiral in The Force Awakens




Robert Watts, Chris Bunn and David Stone cancelled  but we hope that they will make it to our November Event.


Schön, das ihr meine page gefunden habt.

Ich bin Tino Knudsen und ich versuche durch diese Charity Autograph Events mich zusammen mit einigen Stars und Fans für ein Roma Settelment "Krasnohorske Podhradie" in der Slowakei einzusetzen. In den Jahren zuvor haben wir auf diesem Weg Geld gesammelt, um den Kindern einige Kleinigkeiten, wie Süßkram oder kleine Geschenke zu kaufen. Wir haben uns mit den Eltern entschieden, dieses und nächstes Jahr für einen Kinderspielplatz zu sammeln.




Supporter of xogold13 Charity

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