Each autograph on Pictures, Plaques, flat Items:  85€

Figures, Funkos, Poster and Bigger tha 8x10: 95€

including dedication and character

Autograph including Quote: 150€






This is an In Person Signing, I will meet with

Anthony Daniels, second week in December, in person in London.


Iam allowed to take one Picture during the Signing. 


Choice of color: YES


Sent-ins: Yes, Funko Pops (flat), Figures, Plaques, Comics, Posters


All images are in 8x10 matt silk finish.


All orders and sent-ins needs to be in by the 22ed of March, labeled with your contact info and marked the way you want to have it signed.


Sent in Adress:

Tino Knudsen

Edvard Munch Str 40

22115 Hamburg



Payment: PayPal as F&F (Family & Friends)


Shipping rate:
Shipping within Europe as registed letter: 5€ for photos
Shipping package up to 2 KG: 15€
Shipping worldwide as registed letter: 8€
Shipping package to UK 5 KG: 30 €
Shipping package to US 5 KG: 40€
For other countries, please ask.
All items are coming with a Special COA for this Signing.


How to order: Send an e-mail to xogold13@outlook.com regarding "Anthony Daniels Private Signing".


We are not responsible for lost items or damages caused during transit. All items will be shipped with Trekking.