Anthony Phelen exclusive 1 Time Signing

Each Autograph is 30 Euro - Dedication is Free 

Quote:  5 Euro ( very limited Spots )

Character: 5 Euro 




  1. 1: “I trust you’re going to enjoy your stay”
  2. 2: “200.000 units are ready with 1 million more well underway”
  3. 3: “You must be anxious to inspect the units for yourself”
  4. 4: “I hoped you would be pleased”
  5. 5:“We take great pride in our combat education and training programs”
  6. 6: “This group was created about 5 years ago”
  7. 7:“We keep him here”
  8. 8:“Magnificent aren’t they”


  1. your Own Quote





Choise of Color: Yes ( Blue, Black, Silver, Gold, White, Red)

Sent- In: Yes

All images are  in 8x10  matt silk finish

All Orders and Sent- ins needs to be in by the 23ed of November

Payment : PayPal as f&F (Family & Friends)

Shipping : 4 Euro in Germany, 7 Euro Worldwide; for larger items, please ask us.


How to Order: Send an e-mail to regarding "Anthony Phelan Private Signing."


We are not responsible for lost Items or damages caused during transit. All Items will be shipped with Trekking.






8x10 sigened by both with Character and Quote and Dedication  : 70 €

Topps Images

Add a Topps Authentic Photo to your order


Topps 8x10 : 12 Euro

Topps 11x14: 15 Euro

Topps 16x20: 20 Euro