We are happy to announce that Colin Skeaping agreed to support xogold. As he is unable to attend in Person in Utrecht, he agreed to do a Private Signing for us.


Signing will take place on the 20th of October at his Place.


Each Autographs: 20 Euro

Personalisation: YES

Quotes: YES ( everything more than 3 Words ) 5 extra

Choice of Color : YES


Payment: Paypal

How to Order: sent a email to

Proofpics: YES from the general signing is free, if you want one from our own item 5 Euro



Last Day of Sent in and place a Order is: 15.10.2018



We are not responsible for items lost or damaged in transit.


* Your item MUST have a label on the reverse for who it belongs to. 

You MUST add a post it note to the front of your item if you want it signed in a particular place/Colour or Inscription.