iam attending the Fedcon and offering my Autographservice.

Each Autograph of Anthony D. is 50 Euro and Ken Leung is 45 Euro incl. my fee and shipping within Europe, outside Europe + 10 Euro once on the Order.

Sent in are Possible, Figures, Photos, Posters.
I can’t Promise Dedications, Colors, Positions BUT i will try!

If you are interested please like and share this Post and sent me a email to regarding: FEDCON

I can also get Autographs from all other attending Star Guest:
Kevin Sorbo: 45 Euro
Bruce Boxleitner: 45 Euro
Corin Nemec: 35 Euro
Robert Duncan McNeill: 40 Euro
Nick E. Tarabay: 35 Euro
Scott Grimes: 55 Euro
Aaron Ashmore: 45 Euro
Luke Macfarlane: 45 Euro
Anson Mount: 55 Euro
Shazad Latif: 50 Euro
Wilson Cruz: 50 Euro
J. Lee: 55 Euro
Cas Anvar: 40 Euro
Dominique Tipper: 40 Euro
Frankie Adams: 40 Euro
Shohreh Aghdashloo: 45 Euro
Ethan Peck: 55 Euro
Thomas Jane: 45 Euro
Wes Chatham: 45 Euro
Steven Strait: 45 Euro

Sent In ( don’t forget a post it with your addresses on the back of your Item) needs to be in my hands no later than the 31st of May.