Iam sorry to inform you all,  that the xogold charity autograph event in Utrecht in April will not happen, regarding heath issues I got.


This was not a easy decision for me, it’s the first time ever that I had to cancel the charity event in Utrecht. But I owe it to my Family that I get back on my feet. I will reduce all on  Shows for the First part of this Year.

Our next edition will be on the 16th of November in Utrecht. The first Guests are booked and will be announced shortly on We will also be in at least on new city in Germany this year so be ready for it.  


With all my best wishes to you all



Dear Star Wars fans and XOGold supporters,

As you know we invited a whole lot of awesome Star Wars actors and actresses for our XOGold13 charity event at Brussels ComicCon.

Because there is so much to experience at the ComicCon we are aware that time means a lot this weekend. That’s why we decided to use a voucher system to handle autographs, selfies and photoshoots more easily.

By using the attached form you will be able to preorganize your visit and decrease waiting time. The form shows all present actors and actresses as well as the prices for autographs, selfies and photoshoots.

There will be three options to use this list.

Option 1: Print this list in advance, fill it in as shown on the attached example and hand it over to the cashier who will give you the needed vouchers in return.

Option 2: Print this list in advance, fill it in as shown on the attached example and send it to until February 25th (Don’t forget to write your Name on it!). We will send you an order-number and prepare an envelope containing the vouchers that just needs to be picked up at the cashier.

Option 3: This order list will be available at the ComicCon as well so don’t worry, if you haven’t brought our own.

Relevant for those options: Payments (cash only) are accepted at the cashiers desk only!

Of course you don’t need the list to get your autographs, selfies and photoshoots. We only want to give you this option to spent more time enjoying the ComicCon.

If there is an issue with the form or any further questions feel free to PM me.

If you have a ticket for a guest that has cancelled we will take it off the preorder form.

Supporter of xogold13 Charity



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